About NSM

The Nigerian Society for Microbiology (NSM) is a professional, scientific and non-governmental organization founded in 1972 and registered in Nigeria under the Land perpetual Act cap 98.

Its main function is maintaining a formidable knowledge pool in the area of Microbiology, with a view to ensuring smooth teaching and learning of the subject matter in Nigeria, as it is found all over the world. It is a society that ensures an opportunity for job creation through many of its professional designations.

The society engenders the efficient practice and application of the knowledge of Microbiology in the area of health, agriculture, petroleum, pharmaceutical, chemicals/food processing industries, among others. Its operation is extended into water treatment and environmental protection processes. Microbiology is one of the major tools for biotechnological research and application towards improving the welfare of mankind.

Indeed, the society maintains unity, mutual respect and understanding among its members as well as members of other professional bodies.