Our Goals

To advance the study and application of Microbiology in Nigeria. To facilitate and encourage contact among persons, groups or organizations interested in Microbiology. essional designations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who is qualified to belong to NSM?
Full membership is open to graduates of microbiology with a minimum of B.Sc and other suitably qualified persons (which the council deems fit) interested in the field of Microbiology Student Membership shall be open to University students and others who may be so admitted. Student members shall enjoy all the privileges of full members but shall not vote or be voted for. The applications for Full and Student membership shall be supported by two financial Full members who have personal knowledge of the candidate. Such application shall be considered and approved by Council. The President may act on behalf of Council in this regard. Full members shall be entitled to use the title Member, Nigerian Society for Microbiology (MNSM) after their names. iii) Fellow shall be awarded to Full member who in the opinion of the Society has distinguished him/herself in the field of Microbiology and/or contributed immensely to the advancement of the society and shall have been a member for at least 10 years. Nomination for award of a fellow shall be by three financial Full members. Such nominees shall be considered by Council and shall be presented to the society at an Annual General Meeting for ratification, and shall pay the prescribed fee of N100,000.00. Fellows shall be awarded every two years and to a maximum of five (5) members. Non members of the society who have shown sufficient interest to the course of the society can be nominated to pay prescribed fee of not less N500,000.00 Fellows shall be entitled to use the title; fellow Nigerian Society for Microbiology (FNSM) after their names. iv) Honorary membership shall be open to a person who has distinguished him/herself in any field of science. They shall be nominated by three financial full members of the society and shall be elected by simple majority in a secret ballot at the Annual General Meeting of the Society, based on the recommendation of the Council. Honorary members shall not vote or be voted for in election to elective position. v) Life Membership shall be open to persons who have attained the age of fifty years. Such persons shall apply to the Council who recommend them for life membership. Those so recommended shall be ratified at the Annual General Meeting of the Society and shall pay the prescribed fee as may be prescribed by the Council. Such members shall be issued a life membership certificate. vi) Corporate membership shall be open to Industries, Research Establishment, institution of Higher Learning, Societies, International Organization, or other bodies accepted to Council and who are interested in the field of Microbiology. Corporate members shall register annually with the sum of Fifty Thousand naira (N50,000.00) or as reviewed by the council. They shall have a discount in advertisement or exhibition charge and shall have access to the society expertise in solving their problem.
2How can l register as a member?
You can register as a member by obtaining, completing and returning a membership form. The form is obtainable at no cost from this website or the national secretariat, ualiyu@gmail.com
3How much is the membership registration fee?
The registration fee is six thousand Naira only (N6,000.00).
4How much is the annual dues?
The annual dues is six thousand naira only (N6,000.00).
5How will l make my membership fee payment?
You can pay into the society account as follows; Account Name: Nigerian Society for Microbiology Account Number: 0007380241 Bank: Union Bank Nigeria Plc You may also pay at the society’s annual zonal/national conferences You can also pay via this website using your debit card
6How and when should l pay my annual dues?
Annual dues are paid yearly.
7What happens if l fail to update my annual dues?
The member will lose all the privileges of membership and his/her name will simultaneously be excluded from the NSM membership list. Also, automated access granted to subscribed users will be revoked for premium courses and premium regularly published contents
8As a full member, can l use “MNSM” after my name?
Members who are up-to-date with their annual dues are eligible to use “MNSM”
9Who is qualified to use “FNSM” after his/her name?
A member/ non-member, who have distinguished himself /herself or shown sufficient interest in the society and is consequently awarded fellowship of the society is qualified to use “FNSM”.

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